RAW STAR Tank Top Black


RAP fit cropped tank top in black color with all raw edges except the neck and seams inside out. Footer without fleece. Seasonal logo print on the chest. * Cuff around the neck. * Silk screen printing. White paint. * Density 330 gr/m2. Model height: 180 cm Model weight: 70 kg Model wears size: L Composition: Footer without fleece (Cotton 75%; Polyester 25%)

Size guide

Half-belt (cm): 38 (XXS) / 40 (XS) / 42 (S) / 44 (M) / 46 (L) / 48 (XL) / 50 (XXL)
Length (cm): 48 (XXS) / 50 (XS); 52 (S) / 54 (M) / 56 (L) / 58 (XL) / 60 (XXL)

Model is 180 cm tall and 70 kg weight wears size L.

Size recommendations (height):
<155 cm – XXS
156-165 cm – XS
166-172 cm – S
173-179 cm – M
180-184 cm – L
185-189 cm – XL
>190 cm – XXL


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